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Dear Catholic Heritage Tours,
Thank you for keeping us on your mailing list. We are still basking in the wonderful memories of our trip last year to Italy. I can’t begin to express how our previous trip helped to bring us together as a family and closer to the Church. We were also impressed and pleased with your service. We wish all of you and yours a wonderful New Year.
Pilgrim from Catholic Treasures of Italy Group

Dear Luis & Cristina,
First, thank you both for what was a masterfully planned ten days. There were many on the pilgrimage who said that it’s hard to imagine how it could have gone better. So great job!! We could not have asked for a more wonderful tour escort. The entire pilgrimage was amazing. If I had to suggest any improvement, it would simply be to keep doing what you’re doing. Great work indeed! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you. We prayed for you each day at Mass.
Fr. G.M., SMA Group

Dear Catholic Heritage Tours,
I am amazed at the level of care you have given us.
I go on a pilgrimage at least once a year and have gone with many different companies. This is my first with your company and so far you are the best! Please continue to do what you do for pilgrims.
Thank you!
Pilgrim from Holy Trinity Catholic Church Group

Thank you, Cristina, for all you did to make our Italy trip so wonderful! It was fabulous and many of the alumni said it far exceeded their expectations. I know you will receive the surveys and talk with our group leader, but I wanted to send you my gratitude. It was unforgettable. Thank you!!
Pilgrim from CCC Alumni Group

Dear Luis & Cristina,
We were very pleased with the trip. Thank you again for ALL you did to make it so special!!! I especially appreciate it. I really enjoyed working with both of you too! Thanks again for everything!
K.R., Group Leader for CCC Alumni Group

Hello Cristina,
I just want to thank you and all your staff for making it possible to bring us back home safely. It is so comforting to know that I chose the best tour company for this pilgrimage to venerate the Holy Shroud. Our bodies were a little tired from the many hurdles we all had to face but we survived. It is truly a pilgrimage and a challenging journey with time to reflect on some of the events on the life of the Holy Family 2,000 years ago. I’m back to work now and I’m glad to be home. GOD BLESS YOU ALL FOR ALL YOUR WORK, DEDICATION, LOVE AND CONCERN! Sincerely,
Pilgrim from a Holy Shroud 2010 Group

Estimado Luis,
La experiencia de la pregrinacion a Polonia fue algo muy lindo. Gracias por la organizacion y el profesionalismo de Catholic Heritage Tours. Disfrutamos todo lo que vimos y participamos de varias visitas a personalidades de mucha importancia para la Iglesia Catolica de Polonia. Los santuarios y las catedrales son de envergadura universal como por ejemplo el de la Divina Misericordia. La comida, la cultura y el trato que nos dio la gente fue digno y de primera. El guia Alex es extremadamente profesional y cooperador en todo momento y tambien lo fue el chofer del autobus, Robert. En Jesus y Maria,
I.A., Air Force Base Parish Group

Thank you so much for all your good work on our pilgrimage to Ireland. Even the weather cooperated, which I’m sure you realize is itself close to miraculous. The hotels were all lovely and the meals excellent. The guide, Adrian, was excellent – always attentive and helpful, caring and flexible.
Fr. G.M., SMA Group

Estoy muy agradecida por haber compartido estos días en Italia con compañeros tan amables. Sentí que fue un regalo de Dios. Me encantó mucho. Esta fue la tercera vez que visito Italia, pero esta vez me gustó mucho con ustedes ya que el viaje fue muy espiritual, y yo estaba buscando experiencias religiosas. Muchas gracias.
Pilgrim from MC Group
You took wonderful care of us, despite us being such a big group. Our grown children were impressed with the communication that happened because of our delay. This trip was very detailed and informative. The staff in the office was a great help. Thank you!
Pilgrim from St. Francis Church Group

I loved the whole trip. It was excellent! Thank you for all the planning and hard work to get it all together. The trip was truly awesome and one I will never forget. Pilgrim from a Holy Shroud 2010 Group

This was the trip of a lifetime! Thank you Catholic Heritage Tours for a job well done. I look forward to another pilgrimage with your company.
Pilgrim from St. Francis Church Group

I had a wonderful pilgrimage. Our tour leaders were very thoughtful, sensitive & caring, and they set the tone for the pilgrimage. Father was excellent and we are blessed that we had such a holy and devout priest with us.
Pilgrim from a Holy Shroud 2010 Group

Dear Luis,
We have all arrived back safely after a wonderful trip. All went well and we all have some incredible experiences. It was a pleasure for me to lead such a fine group. I hope that we will be able to get together for another trip in the future.
Fr. D.S., Our Lady of the Valley Group

Catholic Heritage Tours was so great and we were so blessed to be allowed to do something that was great, fun, and wonderful. Thank you so much!
Pilgrim from CCC Alumni Group

Dear Catholic Heritage Tours, Thank you for following up and asking for feedback on our pilgrimage. It shows your professionalism and excellent service. Catholic Heritage Tours did an excellent job in organizing the tour and providing us with enough information. I even got motivated to participate with you in the near future and lead my own group. THANKS!
Pilgrim from Immaculate Heart of Mary Group

Dear Luis,
Our trip was very fulfilling. Everyone especially loved staying at the hotel in Rome. That was a great experience, having the hotel connected to the church. From everyone’s comments, I think their favorite part of the pilgrimage was the first half, going to the shrines of all the saints. Having the gratuities included in our overall package was great. We did not have the nightmare we had on our last trip with another company. The headsets we received to hear the guide were fantastic. It was greatly needed for our large group. Everyone could hear all the info, even if they were lagging behind. I especially appreciated your concern in calling us during our trip. The company we used prior to this did no such thing. Thank you for that. Thank you for the book on St. Lawrence and for putting the churches of St. Lawrence in our itinerary. That was one of everyone’s highlights of Rome. Thank you for putting together such a spiritual and faithfilling pilgrimage for us. I’m sure we will be giving you a call when everyone feels the need to recharge their spiritual battery. God bless,
D.E., St. Lawrence Catholic Church Group

Hi Luis,
Just wanted to touch base with you before we head to Rome. I want to thank you for all you have done for us, you have been most helpful. I take tour groups most years and this, the first time I have used Catholic Heritage Tours, has been the most helpful and thorough service. Thank you once again and may God continue to bless your pilgrimage ministry!
Fr. P.O., Cathedral of the Imm. Conception Group

Dear Luis,
The pilgrimage to Mexico was wonderful! We all had a wonderful time and really loved our tour escort Humberto. He was so sweet and kind. The food was great, service great, and the sights were amazing! Thanks for all you did!
M.M., Sts. Mary & Joseph & St. Raymond Group

Dear Catholic Heritage Tours team,
The Italy trip was very enjoyable and well organized. Everything went very smoothly. The hotels were really great and the meals at the hotels were much better than I could have imagined. All the travelers seemed to get along very well. The tour escort we had from the beginning until Rome, Alessandro, was very good. Thank you for all you did to make our trip so successful!
Fr. T.C., St. Mary’s Church Group

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