What really happened? The Miracle of Bolsena

He didn’t believe it.

How could he have the power to consecrate bread and wine into the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ? This power which Our Lord Himself used at the Last Supper? It was the year 1263 in the small town of Bolsena, Italy. As Father Peter of Prague pronounced the sacred words of Consecration over the host, these doubts crossed his mind. Then, as soon as he finished with the last word, blood began to stream from the host, staining the corporal.

Knowing that Pope Urban IV was in nearby Orvieto, Father Peter swiftly left the altar without completing the Mass in order to confess to the Pope his doubts and the miracle that had taken place as a result. The Pope absolved him and ordered a thorough investigation before publicly proclaiming the miracle and bringing the miraculous Host and blood-stained corporal to Orvieto.  These relics have been on display in the cathedral for public veneration ever since.

Each year, special homage is given to this great relic as it is solemnly carried throughout the streets of Orvieto during the Corpus Christi procession on the Sunday following Trinity Sunday. It is a beautiful and uplifting experience. This year, the feast of Corpus Christi will be celebrated on Sunday, June 4th.

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