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Why Catholic Heritage Tours?

Throughout the centuries, faithful pilgrims have traveled to Catholic religious sites to pray at the tombs of the saints, to venerate holy relics, to fulfill a pious promise, to embark on a Catholic pilgrimage, or simply to achieve a greater knowledge and appreciation for their Faith. Traveling to the centers of our Catholic heritage has been an invaluable means of enriching our spiritual life and providing a deeper understanding of our Catholic treasures.

Catholic Heritage Tours is the bridge that joins Catholic travelers with Catholic treasures and traditions.

At Catholic Heritage Tours, we specialize in customized travel for Catholic groups, such as parishes, schools, and organizations. Each tour is created with a specific itinerary according to the group’s particular interests. With your preferences in mind, our Catholic Group Travel professionals will plan a trip perfectly suited to your needs.

Catholic group coordinators looking for the opportunity to lead their groups to Catholic religious sites of the world will find Catholic Heritage Tours the perfect Catholic group travel agency. We will be there to assist group coordinators organize their group, decide on the perfect itinerary, we will make all the arrangements, and group coordinators can travel free!

The combination of superior customer service and extensive knowledge in the field of Catholicism and religious sites makes Catholic Heritage Tours the ideal choice for Catholic group travel.

Our Mission

To provide Catholic groups with ideal, customized travel arrangements
A Catholic group traveler benefits from custom-made guided tours, constant companionship, and even freedom from fear of being lost in a foreign country. At Catholic Heritage Tours, each group tour we arrange is individually designed to fit the needs of your religious organization. Together with the group coordinator, we create a specific itinerary according to your group’s particular requirements. With your group’s preferences as our guidelines, we arrange for all that is necessary to make your Catholic pilgrimage a fulfilling experience.

To give Catholics the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of their Catholic heritage
As Catholics living in the busy 21st century, we often forget the previous two thousand years of Catholic history. From the time of Christ until today, the Catholic Church has endured and has passed on its treasures and traditions from generation to generation. It is by traveling to countries rich in Catholic culture that we can appreciate and learn more about our Faith.

To provide the means for successful, enriching spiritual journeys
Pilgrimages are important for Catholics. For centuries, pilgrim groups have traveled to Catholic religious sites to pray at the tombs of the saints, to venerate the relics and visit the cornerstones of our Religion. It is by venerating the holy sites of the Catholic Faith that you can achieve a fuller knowledge of their religious importance. This deeper knowledge of Catholic treasures and traditions leads to a true enrichment in one’s spiritual life. Catholic Heritage Tours makes it possible for you to embark on Catholic tours and pilgrimages, with the advantages of customized itineraries and with the comfort of organized group travel.

Customized Tours

All Catholic Heritage Tours are “made from scratch”
We do not offer pre-packaged tours. Each Catholic group tour is designed and prepared from the ground up, choosing destinations, accommodations, activities, and arrangements for each particular group’s interests and needs.

For more information or to request a pilgrimage quote, please click here.

Group Coordinators

Catholic group coordinators can not only travel for free, but they will also find peace of mind, convenience, and exceptional value in Catholic Heritage Tours:

Travel where you want to travel
Catholic group organizers can rest assured that they will travel only where their group wants to travel. Since we do not market any pre-packaged tours, your group can choose exactly what, where, and when you would like to visit.

Take advantage of our expertise
With our professional organizational skills and vast Catholic travel experience, you can be sure that your group’s trip will be thoroughly planned.

Don’t worry about the travel arrangements
Each of our Catholic tours is individually prepared according to the requests of your religious organization. When you are ready to organize a pilgrimage for your group, we will be ready to assist you.

Don’t worry about informational materials
At Catholic Heritage Tours, we want to make your travel experience as fulfilling as possible. That is why we supply you with a very special bonus. When we plan a tour for you, we not only provide transportation arrangements and superior accommodations — we also supply a custom-made booklet containing information on the saints, sites, and shrines that you will visit each day of your tour. Backed by this knowledge, the pilgrims will be able to undertake the religious tour with an even greater fervor.

Include a fundraiser
Is your group searching for fundraising ideas? You can combine the rewarding experience of religious travel with a successful fundraiser for your group. Ask us how.

Travel for free!
Group coordinators can have the option of traveling free. Click here for details.

Why Choose Catholic Heritage Tours?

We prepare each group’s itinerary personally and with expertise.
We begin the pilgrimage preparations by discussing with your group when and where they would like to go. We find out exactly what the group’s interests and expectations are. Then, we design a trip itinerary that perfectly fulfills those interests and expectations.

We thoroughly arrange all travel preparations.
* When the desired itinerary has been chosen, we reserve your airline tickets.
* We make all your hotel arrangements depending on your preferences.
* We prepare your meal arrangements according to your requests.
* We will make reservations with motor-coach drivers so that you can be easily transported to your sightseeing locations.
* In the cities which you choose to visit, we will supply your group with local guides who will be able to clearly point out and explain the Catholic treasures and sites of the city.

Being a Catholic travel agency, we offer more than just travel arrangements – we offer spiritual enrichment.
Here at Catholic Heritage Tours, we understand the value of spiritual journeys and pilgrimages to the Catholic shrines of the world. It is because we understand this that we strive to arrange the material side of your trip so that it will proceed smoothly and with as little concern to you as possible.

At the same time, we endeavor to deepen the knowledge of our Catholic legacy. We do this by providing you with information on the sites, saints, and shrines which you will visit. We gather this information together and print it in a little booklet, individually prepared for each group trip.

Our service doesn’t stop once all travel preparations are complete.
When the day of departure comes, we won’t abandon you! We’ll have passed on to our representatives overseas the care for your group’s needs. This way, if any unexpected emergencies or necessary schedule changes arise, you may easily turn to our tour representatives for assistance.

You will depart fully prepared to partake in a spiritual journey. You will return spiritually refreshed, with a deeper insight into your Catholic heritage.

So if you are thinking of planning a pilgrimage for your Catholic group, please contact us and give us the opportunity to show you the difference!