How to Become a Catholic Pilgrimage Group Coordinator

You may have dreamed of visiting some of the world’s most venerated shrines and religious sites but perhaps you thought your dream to be out of reach. Catholic Heritage Tours would like to introduce you to a way to make your travel desires a reality: Become a Group Leader on a custom pilgrimage. You’ll find all the details on this page, and if you still have questions, we’re here to help. The best part: As a Group Leader you can travel for free to the religious destination of your choice with your group. We invite you to read more about this unique Catholic travel opportunity.

Starting a Group

Becoming a Group Leader

* Who can be a Catholic Group Coordinator?
Parish priests, association directors, teachers, or anyone with the desire to organize a Catholic group tour.

* What are the benefits of being a Group Coordinator?
– Certainty of traveling on an excellently planned and worry-free tour, customized to your specifications.
– Traveling when and where you would like.
– Relying on our vast knowledge and expertise in the field.
– Profiting from our promotional materials, help with tour member registration, information on the religious sites to be visited, and more.
– Travel for free!

* How can one travel for free as a Group Coordinator?
As a group coordinator, you will have to make decisions about the trip and strive to keep your group united. You will represent your group and will be our main contact throughout all the planning. And as a reward, you can travel for free! Please call us at 800-290-3876 for details.

* What should one do to become a Group Coordinator?
You enjoy traveling and you would like to have the benefits of being a group coordinator. What should you do now?

The role of the Group Coordinator:
Group leaders must be the heart of the group. As a group leader, you will be responsible for getting your group together and for being the spiritual leader.

As a group leader, you will have a few decisions to make:
– Itinerary. We can help your group travel anywhere. Just tell us where and when you would like to go! Once you decide your destinations and travel dates, we will customize the itinerary to perfectly fit your needs and requests.
– Group Size. How many people will come on this group tour? As a general rule, the minimum number of tour members to form a group is twenty.
– Accommodations. Next comes choosing the type of accommodations you would like. We will always supply you with a superior hotel, in accordance with your requests.
– Meal Plan. Don’t forget the meal arrangements! How many meals per day are to be included in the tour package? Would you like all meals included? Would you like to leave some meal times free so that the group members can search out some local restaurants on their own?
– Budget. Does your group have a budget? Letting us know will help us design your Catholic tour effectively and affordably.

Contact us.
Before, during, and after the period of decision-making, our group travel consultants will be here to walk you through every step – therefore regular communication between the Group Coordinator and Catholic Heritage Tours is essential to ensure a smooth and successful trip. We are eager to help you prepare an ideal custom-made pilgrimage for your Catholic group.

Now is the time to plan your Group Coordinator experience and take advantage of traveling free to the destinations of your choice with your handpicked group. Catholic Heritage Tours’ pilgrimage planning experience and knowledge of the most intriguing and meaningful religious destinations will ensure that you enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

Please give us a call at 800-290-3876 or fill out our online Information Request Form.